General Informaion
Phone Numbers
All extensions that begin with a 2 may receive calls directly from outside the hospital. All extensions beginning with a 6 may only receive calls from within the hospital phone system. All numbers listed have 641 as the area code unless listed otherwise.

Phone Mail Numbers
Extensions for Phone Mail may be reached by simply dialing the 4-digit extension within the hospital system or if the phone mail extension begins with a 2, you may dial it directly from outside of the hospital by dialing 236-xxxx. For more information on phone mail, check the user’s guide or call Information Services at ext. 2949.

The pager number is hospital wide with different pin numbers for different pagers.  Dial the pager number and follow the instructions given on the telephone.  To access the pager by internet site go to www.beeperpeople.com/gateway.htm and send the message over the internet.

Add 5151 to the pin number before it is sent. Pin number 108701 would be 5151108701.

To call a pager
Dial 1-800-365-7789
Enter the Pager Identification Number.

Internal Overhead Paging
Internal overhead paging may by used by calling the hospital switchboard, “0”, (from within the hospital) or 236-7511 (from outside the hospital) and request the operator to page that number. This type of paging is only effective for persons located within the hospital at the time of the page. It is advised to try the person’s extension first in order to reduce switchboard traffic and overhead noise for out patients.

Enter your phone number for them to call.

Call Forward or Do Not Disturb (DND)
Both patient and office phones can be put on call forwarding and DND.

  • To use call forwarding dial #91 and then put in the number the phone is to forward to. To take the phone off call-forwarding, dial ##91.
  • To put the phone on DND dial #5. To take DND off, dial ##5. If the phone is on DND there will be a fast busy signal.

Local Calling Plan Cities
Only Malcom can be dialed as a local city. (528 prefix).