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Rapid Response Team

Grinnell Regional Medical Center will provide a multidisciplinary medical team to respond within minutes to assess and treat a patient whose condition may be deteriorating. The core Rapid Response Team (RRT) will consist of the following: House Supervisor; ICU or ED nurse; ED physician (if available); Respiratory Therapist; and the primary care nurse (for inpatient areas). The RRT will use a set of treatment protocols approved by the medical staff to begin treatment while the primary care physician is being notified. The primary care physician will remain in charge of the patient’s care and outcomes unless delegated to another physician.

The goal of the team is to provide early and rapid intervention in order to promote better outcomes such as: reduced cardiac and/or respiratory arrests in the hospital; reduced or timely transfers to the ICU or a higher level of care; reduced patient intubations; and reduced number of hospital deaths, etc.