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GRMC Hospital

Patient Billing

While you are at GRMC, a team of physicians and healthcare staff will see or review you and/or your test results to diagnose and then recommend a treatment plan to meet your healthcare needs. Following your tests or treatments at GRMC, you may receive bills from several different providers who performed services as well as one from the medical center.

A patient accounting representative is available to help you understand your bills, the portion your insurance carrier and you are responsible for, and how to complete applications for Medicare, Medicaid, or charity care coverage.

The medical center is responsible for sending bills to your insurance company and will do everything possible to speed up your claim. You should remember that your policy is a contract between you and your insurance company and you have the final responsibility to pay your medical center bill. We have several payment choices available to help you pay your bill.

Your bill shows all of the services you get during your stay. Charges fall into two categories:

  • A basic daily rate that includes your room, meals, nursing care, housekeeping, and telephone.
  • A charge for special services that include items the doctor orders for you, such as x-rays or laboratory tests. If you have certain tests or treatments in the medical center, you may get bills from doctors you did not see in person. These bills are for professional services given by doctors in diagnosing and interpreting test results while you were a patient. If you have questions about these bills, please call the number printed on the statement you receive from them.

If you’re interested to see how GRMC’s charges compared to other hospitals across the State of Iowa, click here:

For more information, call the general GRMC patient accounting office at 641-236-2304.

If you are in need of financial assistance, please click here here to learn more about your options.