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Visiting Specialists

The best care -- that's what GRMC offers area residents. We have several specialists whose primary office is at GRMC. Those include internal medicine, gynecology, orthopedics, pain management, podiatry, and rheumatology.

When our service area needs specialty care but not enough to sustain a provider, we contract with physicians from other areas to bring in expertise to residents. This saves the patient travel time, and stress with navigating larger medical complexes. Specialty care available in the Visiting Specialist area include cardiology, dermatology, ENT (Otolaryngology), neurology, oncology, perinatology, physiatry, and rheumatology, sleep medicine.

  • Cardiology - Craig Stark, MD

  • Cardiology - Mark D. McGaughey, MD

  • Cardiology - Matthew P. McCormick, MD

  • Dermatology – Linda Schilling, MSN, ARNP

  • Neurology - Edward A. Aul, MD

  • Oncology – Aaron Anderson, MPA-C

  • Oncology - Steven P. Heddinger, MD

  • Ophthalmology - James A. Davison, MD

  • Otolaryngology - Jeremy D. Vos, MD

  • Otolaryngology - Michael J. Reed, MD

  • Physiatry (Physical Medicine) - Amy J. Lynch, DO

  • Rheumatology - Eman R. Boulis, MD

  • Sleep Medicine - Melisa Coaker, MA, MD