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Blending May Help Mending

Sep 8, 2016, 11:03 AM

EOsThe use of essential oils as a natural alternative or supplement to medication has increased over the past few years. Essential oils are oils derived from plants. They maintain the fragrance of the plants they come from, and are used in perfumes and aromatherapy. Essential oils have proven to be useful tools in accentuating the benefits of massage therapy by using the two together.

The team at Postels Community Health Park is pairing massage therapy and essential oils to the advantage of their patients. For example, lavender is used to melt away stress. Stop the sniffles by using eucalyptus. Feel more alert after diffusing a drop of peppermint oil. Repel mosquitos with the help of Skeeter Away. These essential oils and essential oils blends—along with dozens of others—are available at Postels Community Health Park and The Glass Gift Box at GRMC. You can also learn the ins and outs of essential oils at the upcoming Mix ‘N’ Go party!

Join Casie Olson, LMT, certified aroma therapist, as she gives you the tools to help with arthritis/pain, headaches, sleep, stress management, muscle aches, and colds/flu, all with the help of 100% pure essential oils. She’ll even show you how to make your own custom blend to take home, which can be made in the form of a cream, roll-on, inhaler, or bath salts.

The Mix ‘N’ Go party is Tuesday, Sept. 13, from 6 to 8 p.m. at Postels. For $25 per person, you will receive essential oil education, one essential oil blend, and snacks. Additional blends may be made for $10 each. Childcare is available for $2 per child. Please RSVP to ext. 2953 if you will need childcare.