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Early Detection Screenings

Here for you ... before you need us.

We offer early detection options to identify preventable health conditions – while you still can do something about it. Ultrasound and CT screenings for heart disease, stroke, and osteoporosis can be completed in the comforts of the GRMC radiology department. They’re fast, painless, and most important, excellent indicators of future health conditions.

To schedule these preventive screenings, call the GRMC Radiology department at 641-236-2355.

Discuss with your physician which screenings may be appropriate for you. Many diseases may show mild or no symptoms, even with severe disease.

Screenings available at GRMC

Wellness Blood Screenings

Wellness screenings offer individuals a comprehensive metabolic panel of their blood. The fasting lipid profile for cholesterol levels, complete blood count (CBC), glucose, and other tests measure liver and kidney function as well as metabolic indicators of early disease status. This comprehensive screening ensures that your physician has the most complete information about your overall body system function. And, the results may give the motivation to change your lifestyle habits to enhance health and well-being.

To schedule, call the wellness center at 641-236-2999 or speak with your physician.