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Health & Wellness

Preventive Services

Detection Screenings

Dental/Lead Screenings for Children

Hand Washing

Immunizations–Flu, Child, Adult

Screenings for Children

Dental Health Program

Oral health in children directly correlates with overall health. An oral health professional, hygienist or dentist, can identify dental health conditions but also may be able to identify other health concerns. Many diseases exhibit symptoms in the mouth prior to symptoms becoming noticeable in the body.

The Mother Child Wellness Program serves families in Poweshiek County who have a household income of 200 percent of poverty level or under. One component of these services is assistance in finding dental care and screenings.

Contact the Dental Hygiene Coordinator at 515-557-9023 or email to to arrange a screening.


The Silent Killer – Lead Poisoning

Lead poisoning is a large problem for children in Iowa. A recent study showed that Poweshiek County has a lead poisoning level of 39.7 percent in pre-1950 housing (a major risk factor for lead poisoning). This number is alarmingly high with the national average only 27 percent. This calls for awareness and immediate action to insure that lead poisoning doesn’t happen to your child.

Have your child screened for lead poisoning. There is little if any cost for a lead screening, so schedule a lead screening for your child today. Stop lead poisoning before it starts.

For a screening of children living in Poweshiek County, e-mail or call Patty Hinrichs, Grinnell Regional Public Health, at 641-236-2551.