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GRMC's Personal Coaching Program

Weight Loss and Beyond

It’s time to stop saying you will exercise next week or you will start eating well tomorrow. It’s time for you to act now and let the transformation begin.

GRMC's personal coaching program offers you an exciting and new way to reach your goals through adherence and accountability to a wellness coach through email, phone, and personal meetings for 12 weeks.

The wellness coach will individually develop a program to suit all wellness and fitness levels, as well as individual goals, regardless of age, gender, or physical limitations.
GRMC's personal coaching program offers a comprehensive and holistic approach to wellness that includes weight management, nutrition, physical activity, stress management, as well as other health and life issues that impact wellness.

Many individuals from your area have already successfully completed this program and can attest to the fact that it works.

The goal of the personal coaching program is not only to assist you to better health, but also to provide education on the basics of aerobic exercise, strength training, and nutrition.

Learn how to apply these principles to reach your goals, not just for 12 weeks, but change behaviors for the rest of your life. GRMC's personal coaching program offers buddy and group programs.

Proven Results

Over 100 individuals have participated in the program in the first year and have seen some outstanding results. These results are based on a 12-week program.

Individual results will vary, but our personal coach will help you set realistic goals.