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Grinnell Regional Babies Room

The Grinnell Regional Babies Room is an incentive program that provides the following:

Who May Participate?

Women who:

How Do I Enroll?

You can receive a registration packet from one of the following:

How Do I Earn Points?

Points are earned for:

Take your Grinnell Regional Babies Room point card with you whenever you participate in a “healthy behavior” like one of those listed in this brochure. You will notice that points are earned for many behaviors that have to do with physical health.

You may also earn points for continuing formal education such as working on your high school diploma, GED, or post-secondary classes of all kinds.

Points are also earned for attending monthly parenting classes provided through the Grinnell Regional Babies Room. Making use of these classes is strongly encouraged, but not necessary to participate in the program.

When you participate in a healthy behavior, the educator or healthcare provider will sign the point card. Points can be spent at the Grinnell Regional Babies Room store for childcare items such as baby clothing, nursery supplies, and equipment.

If a Grinnell Regional Babies Room Point Card is lost or stolen, a new card will be issued. However, accumulated points cannot be transferred to the new card. Those points will be lost. Each participant is responsible for her own Grinnell Regoinal Babies Room Point Card.

Grinnell Regional Babies Room Classes

Examples of monthly classes that award points include:

The class schedule may change from time to time. Calendars are available at WIC clinics every month.

Healthy Behaviors that Earn Points

When you enroll with Grinnell Regional Babies Room, you will receive a complete list of point opportunities and merchandise.

Examples of Grinnell Regional Babies Room Merchandise