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Benefits of Working at GRMC

What we offer Who Pays for it When offered Further Details
Call-Back Pay GRMC Upon Employment All employees receive time & one-half for any callback hours.
Holidays    GRMC Upon Employment Time & one-half paid to employees who work on New Years’ Day Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day & Christmas Day.
Premium Pay GRMC   Upon Employment  An additional $1.00/hour for hours worked between midnight Friday & midnight Sunday.
PTO (Paid Time Off) GRMC  

Upon Employment


Allows employee to be absent from his/her normal scheduled work hours & receive pay. Accural based on paid hours.
Shift Differential GRMC  Upon Employment Shift differential of .25/hour for shifts worked 7A-7P, 1.25/hour for shifts worked 7P-7A, .75/hour for shifts worked 3P-11P, 1.00/hour for shifts worked 11P-7A. After two years of employment at GRMC, shift differential is doubled for evening & night shifts.
Credit Union GRMC Upon Employment   University of Iowa Credit Union & Deere Comm Fed Credit Union: savings, checking & loans available. Payroll deduct.
Direct Deposit GRMC Upon Employment Paycheck deposited in Checking and/or Savings account in any bank/Credit Union/Savings & Loan in the State of Iowa each pay period.
Health Insurance*  GRMC/Employee  First of the month after hire            (FT/PT) *FT Employees not participating in plan receive credit toward specific benefits at beginning of plan year only.
Health Services GRMC  After job offer  Physical, lab, Mantoux, Drug Test and Job Placement Assessment. If applicable, Hepatitis and MMR offered.
Hospitalization GRMC/Employee    Upon employment            (FT/PT) Private room, if available, at double room rate, for immediate family members in the household.
Dental Insurance Employee  First of the month after hire
Included with Health Insurance.
Life Insurance GRMC  After six months employment            (FT/PT) 100% base annual projected wage, and dependent coverage. May purchase additional.
Long-Term Care GRMC/Employee After six months employment            (FT/PT) $1,000 base plan with limited home care. May purchase additional.
Long Term Disability GRMC  After six months employment            (FT) 60% coverage provided by GRMC. After 10 years employment coverage is 66 2/3%.
Malpractice Insurance GRMC Upon employment  Liability insurance while performing your assigned job.
Reimbursement Accounts (Medical and Child Care) Employee Annual Enrollment            (FT/PT) Pre-tax dollars deducted for medical/dental/vision expenses not covered by insurance. Pre-tax dollars deducted for child care expenses (may begin within 30 days of hire). Mastercard debit card available.
Social Security GRMC/Employee Upon employment    Financial assistance for retirement/disability.
Wellness Benefit GRMC  Annually on Birthday Month Includes CBC, Chem Panel, Lipid Profile & TSH.
Worker's Compensation GRMC  Upon employment  Insurance coverage for work-related incidents.
HeartMath GRMC Upon employment

Free classes of this unique stress management technique to deal with stress in the moment it happens.

Auxilliary Scholarship GRMC Auxiliary Annually  Outright grant given in March each year by Hospital Auxiliary. (Volunteer Coordinator has forms.)

Sylvester Millgate Loan

GRMC/Employee   Available to Nursing Students Interest free loan if return to work at GRMC after schooling. (Office of Human Resources has forms.)
Cafeteria                                GRMC/Employee Upon Employment  

Cafeteria Food Line: Mon-Fri 11 AM-1 PM, free beverages available
Neon Cafe - afternoon/ evenings
Employee Entrance. Payroll deduct.

Savings Bonds Employee  Upon employment  Opportunity to save through payroll deductions.
Employee Assistance Program GRMC  Upon Employment  Assistance Center will provide assessment, referral, and short term counseling (up to 4 sessions).
I Choose Health GRMC/Employee Upon Employment  Health and wellbeing program linking healthy behaviors to healthcare benefits. Incentive options to encourage healthy choices.