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Everyday Heroes

Everyday heroes surround us at Grinnell Regional Medical Center. Our heroes include administrators who tackle reimbursement injustice. Physicians who provide support and advice for patients struggling with major health issues. Nurses who create a world filled with care and compassion. Staff who protect you from ominous threats like H1N1.

It is clear: One thing that all of GRMC’s everyday heroes have in common is their ability to make a difference.  

Thank you for perusing our 2009 Annual Report: Everyday Heroes. Because we all aspire to be heroes, especially our children, we collaborated with the students at the BGM School District to show the glorious adventures and fantastic challenges GRMC encountered in 2009. We think you will agree that despite some dark clouds and formidable obstacles, our heroes take seriously their sacred duty to defend the sick and the helpless and crush illness everywhere.

Click Here to Watch Todd Linden and Susan Witt on Video Together